Homemade Turmeric Yellow Paste Removes Sarcoid

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant, pain reliever, anti-viral and anti-bacterial spice. Its anti-cancer, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a perfect remedy for treating many conditions and enhancing the body’s resistance to free radicals. I know a race horse trainer who has included turmeric in his horse’s feed for a long time. I have personally treated different conditions, from small cuts (on my horse and myself), sweet itch, welts from tick bites, wheals from biting midges, even removed a sarcoid on the bridge of my horse’s nose.

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Promotes skin and eye health
  • Boosts the body’s wound healing ability
  • Is antibacterial and antiseptic

I discovered turmeric’s seemingly miraculous results when my 16 yrs. old American Saddlebred mare developed a small sarcoid the size of the end of a pencil eraser with a similar smooth, rubbery appearance and consistency on the bridge of her nose. I watched it for a good while and noticed it was growing and the veterinarian suggested it was a verrucous sarcoid; so I mixed my own healing paste based on a traditional recipe, which I applied it religiously, once daily, for 2+ months. The progress was slow but steady. The sarcoid changed color, flattened out and dissolved leaving a clean wound bed that quickly healed over with new, smooth skin. The trick is to catch these conditions early and then consistently stay on top of it until the wound bed and margins are completely clean, pink and healthy looking as shown in the photos.

horse sarcoid tumor remedy

horse sarcoid tumor remedy

  1. The sarcoid is drying up. I am satisfied with the progress.
  2. The sarcoid is nearly gone. I still see a small speck of abnormal
    tissue remaining in the wound bed. I continue my T&T Yellow application.
  3. The wound bed is clean, with healthy pink tissue. No sign of infection.
  4. One more day of T&T Yellow and then some zinc oxide diaper rash salve the
    following day for its excellent healing properties.

I have my own special recipe for my homemade  turmeric yellow (HTY) paste for topical application to difficult spots, including those that cannot be covered or wrapped. It dries quite quickly into a smooth plaster. Many remedies to treat skin infections and cuts contain oil, wax, or petroleum jelly, but I don’t like those products on my horses, since they have a tendency smear, rub off, collect dirt and quickly turn sticky and gunky. My turmeric paste is a much better recipe tried and tested. The main ingredient is yellow turmeric spice off the shelf from the grocery store, nothing fancy, nothing special, or costly. The label says ground turmeric, 100% pure, packaged in the United States; that’s it! I fill about half a teaspoon into a small, empty lip balm container and then add a couple other important ingredients handed down to me by a certified horse trainer to make a paste that it is pliable and smooth enough to be spread DIRECTLY on the growth. If, for some reason, it didn’t adhere well enough, or too crumbly, all I do is dab it on gently with a moist my finger to smoothen it out. HTY very quickly dries into a permanently adhering plaster resembling a scab. To remove it, I soak it with the edge of a wet sponge or wash cloth and it can be flaked it off with the fingernail quite easily.

use of T&T yellow paste

use of T&T yellow paste

My HTY turmeric paste is easy to mix, simply applied to the skin and will not run, or smear. It dries quickly into a nice, permanent plaster that will not rub off easily, even if left on for several days. I recently sealed a nasty cut to the coronet band on the hoof to keep the flies out and promote fast, clean healing. Riding, walking in the grass, or rain did not wash it off, which to me was a very important consideration! That worked out very well, however, remember that each horse is different, and so is every situation and homemade pastes and remedies may or may not work, or work differently in each individual case. A veterinarian’s advice or opinion should be your best guide.

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